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Slip leads can function as both a leash and a collar. Slip leads look like regular leashes, but they have a small metal ring at the instead of a clasp. You simply pull the leash through the metal ring in order to make a larger loop that slips around your dog’s neck. Easy on, easy off. Slip leads should be placed high on the neck towards your dog's ears.  Slip leads are a useful tool when your dog isn't wearing a collar or when you need a little more control over your dog.  

Never leave your dog unsupervised while using a slip lead and never drop the lead allowing your dog to drag it like a traditional leash.

A slip lead is especially useful when you need to quickly leash your dog on the trail or in the park. All you need to do is slip it right over your dog's head and neck.

Biothane is a patented material made in the USA that is waterproof, odor proof, mold proof, lightweight, strong, durable, easy to clean and doesn’t fade. Looks and feels like leather, only better!

1/2" Biothane webbing has a break strength of 500lbs.

Slip Leads 6' (1/2"width)

  • 6'

  • 1/2"

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