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The Best Way to Stay Connected to Your Dog

All of our products are made from BiothaneⓇ a patented material made in the USA that is waterproof, odor proof, mold proof, lightweight, strong, durable, easy to clean and doesn’t fade.  Our gear for your best 4-legged friend is made to be fun, versatile, durable, and low maintenance. With a quick water rinse or soapy wipe down, BiothaneⓇ looks like new again, even after heavy use.


Each leash handle has either a nickel or brass coated O ring.  The bonus O ring can be used in a variety of ways. We like to use it to clip our leash ends together so that we can wear it across our body and have easy access while our dogs run leash free. The O ring is also a handy spot to hang your poop bags from, before and after.


Whether your dog likes to look its best taking a stroll down the sidewalk or is always in search of the next adventure that involves mud, water or something deliciously stinky, then BiothaneⓇ will become your 2nd best friend. Let Waggle Woof & Wander keep you connected to your BFF with our fun, durable, & stylish gear.


Just the Facts:

Biothane’s soft coating has the look and feel of leather and is very flexible. It will hold its flexibility even in very cold weather. We use Beta 520 Standard which is 0.100” thick, unless noted in the description.  BiothaneⓇ has a breaking pull strength of 1,000lbs. per square inch. BioThane® is more durable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather. But like leather and other leash materials, BioThane® is not chew proof.  If you let your dog chew on any leash they will eventually get through it. You should never leave your dog unattended on a leash or allow them to chew it.



Our collars and leashes are made with either brass or nickel coated brass rivets, both are durable.  We use nickel or brass coated bolt snaps, unless there’s a special request. We have a limited number of locking carabiners, scissor style and stainless steel clasps available for special orders.

It’s important to rinse off any leashes or collars that have been in salt water after use.

Special Requests:

We are happy to accommodate special requests to the best of our ability. We all have our preferences when it comes to our dogs' gear. For example, if you'd like a long line without a loop handle or a leash in a special length, we can do that.  Just ask. We will do our best.

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